Do you ship out of the US?
At the moment, we do not offer shipping overseas.
What grade of hair do you offer?
RAW Hair
Virgin Hair
What origins of hair do you offer?
South East Asian Hair
Asian Hair
Brazilian Hair
Do you offer Custom Wig Making Services?
Yes. All Of Our Wigs Are Machined Wefted To Promoted Longevity. No coloring services are included in pricing. Turnaround time for all custom units are 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS.
Can I dye my hair extensions?
Yes, HOWEVER, we strongly recommend seeking a professional to color your extensions!
How many ounces are your bundles of hair?
All our bundles are 3.5-3.7 ounces.
Can I pick my order up?
At the moment, we are online only. All orders placed must be shipped.
How long is shipping?
Shipping is only 7-14 business days after your payment processes. 
Do you have express or overnight shipping?
At the moment, we do not offer expedited shipping.
How many bundles do I need?
- This answer all depends on style and preference; however here are our suggestions:
--For lengths under 22” we suggest at least two (2) bundles, for a really full look use (3) bundles.
--For lengths over 22” we suggest at least three (3 to 4 bundles, or 3 and a closure). The longer the length the less track you will get. For example, a 26” bundles will have much less track compared to an 18” bundle, because our bundles go off weight (longer hair is heavier).
Do you have transparent frontals and closures?
Yes we do, but only in our Virgin Collections at the moment. Our Raw Hair lace comes in a medium brown color and blends well with many complexions.
Can my extensions be straightened? 
Yes, all of our extensions can be straightened, no matter the pattern.
How long does your hair last?
Depending on proper hair care, extensions have a life span of 2 to 4 years!
Do you offer wholesale?
I don’t see the answer to my question, how can I contact you? 
Please email us at info@trinityluxuryhair.com